GunBusters – AK-74M

1 October 2019
The strength of the Kalashnikov assault rifle
The internet is full of videos showing people destroy their weapons by firing nonstop. This firing rate is not how weapons should be fired. The Russian Ministry of Defense even set the requirement that the Kalashnikov has to withstand a 180-round burst.

We decided to conduct our own test. To do so, we took a random AK-74M made in 2014 from a test station that has already served for quite a long time. We had a 7N6 ammo spam can, 26 magazines, two water buckets, a fire extinguisher, protective gear, welding gloves, and bullet trap.

Our machine gun fired 587 rounds nonstop, after which its barrel exploded near the front ferrule of the handguard.

Please do not repeat this test. We have the facilities, conditions, and skills required to perform these tests.
If you'd like to see other weapons destroyed, please tell us in the comments.

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