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AK-103, AK-203, AK-15 and PPK-20: Differences

14 September 2021
Announcement Vladimir Onokoy, Manager of the Military-Technical Cooperation Directorate, explained the differences between three generations of rifles and the new submachine gun

Along with the simplicity, combat effectiveness and endurance, these weapons have many other features in common, such as availability in different calibers, rails for mounting extra equipment, and folding buttstocks. There are also distinctive features, though, that kept piling up as the development continued. 

Check out the video for an in-depth explanation of what the differences between Kalashnikov's top offerings are. You're going to find out:

    • why 200 series has improved accuracy;

    • what the PPK-20 and the Ratnik series have in common;

    • and, finally, what the purpose of such a wide variety of firearms is.

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