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Kalashnikov released a new TG2 Magnum smoothbore carbine

15 March 2021
This carbine, chambered in .366 Magnum, can be bought on a smoothbore license

Kalashnikov Group presents the new TG2 Magnum smoothbore semi-auto hunting carbine.

This smoothbore carbine, chambered in .366 Magnum, is based on the Saiga 308 v.61 rifled model. The .366 Magnum cartridge sits between .366 TKM and 9.6/53 Lancaster in terms of power.

Like our previous offering, the TG2 366TKM, the new carbine features Paradox bore in the muzzle section of the barrel. It comes with a chrome-lined bore and chamber. The muzzle brake is removable. The gun comes with a folding buttstock and two short 8-round magazines. 

The carbine, weighing no more than 3.8 kg, features a 415-mm barrel. It's 945 mm long with the buttstock unfolded, and 700 mm when it's folded. As per the legal requirements of the Russian Federation, it can't be fired with the buttstock folded.
TG2 Magnum carbine

The TG2 Magnum is a relatively compact weapon, making it a great choice for hunting large animals on foot.

The TG2 Magnum carbine is a smoothbore weapon. You can purchase it without having any experience in owning hunting firearms.
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