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Kalashnikov to unveil PPK-20 submachine gun

22 August 2021
For the first time, at the International Military-Technical Forum, “ARMY-2021” Kalashnikov Group is going to unveil a prototype of the 9 mm submachine gun PPK-20.

New submachine gun was independently designed as a part of “Vityaz-MO” R&D project.

The PPK-20 has completed state trials, and is now awaiting the final decision of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation in regards to adoption by the Armed Forces.

The PPK-20 was significantly modified to make it more compact, and now it is under consideration to become a new weapon system. If the trials are successful, Kalashnikov Group is ready to start production of the PPK-20, which also has significant export potential.

The PPK-20 can also serve as PDW (Personal Defence Weapon), a firearm for combat vehicle crews or various support units, and for Special Forces units that operate in urban areas, inside structures and vehicles, and in crowded environments.

The length of the PPK-20 with the folded butt stock is only 41 cm. The trials showed that when 7N21 ammunition is used, PPK-20 could penetrate Level 3A body armour (NIJ standard). With this round, the muzzle velocity of the PPK-20 is nearly 470 m/s, and the point blank range at a full-height target is 360 m.

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