How AK-12 is arranged?

22 February
Visual scheme of the weapon

In this video we will show how the handle, buttstock and receiver of the newest AK-12 assault rifle are arranged and show the weapon in it’s field strip.

AK-12 caliber 5.45 mm was adopted by the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation. The assault rifle will gradually replace the AK-74. The weapon was developed as part of the “Ratnik” program as an element of a promising set of equipment for the fighters of the Armed Forces of Russia.

Technical characteristics of AK-12:

* Caliber: 5.45x39

* Weapon length in combat position: 880-940 mm

* Length with folded butt: 690 mm

* Barrel length: 415 mm

* Weight with empty magazine: 3.5 kg

* Shooting rate: 700 shots per minute

* Magazine capacity: 30 rounds

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