PP-71 submachine gun

24 October

PP-71 submachinegun. In the early 1970s Ministry of Defense announced the project called “Bouquet”. The goal was to develop a new compact submachinegun. Evgeny Dragunov created a prototype. Military was not satisfied with performance of the weapon. Submachinegun remained  unclaimed. In 1994 Aleksei Dragunov and Victor Kalashnikov modernized PP71. Modernized version has a different design
Cartridge - 9x18. Barrel is detachable and equipped with Flash suppressor. Original barrel can be replaced with integrally suppressed barrel. Folding stock. Magazine capacity: 20, 30 rounds. The magazine is housed within the pistol grip. Weapon is blowback operated. Rear sight is completely unique. Rear sight notch switches automatically when stock is unfolded. When stock is folded weapon has standard open rear sight. When stock is unfolded rear sight switches to aperture. Charging handle is on the left side. PP-71 was the foundation for “Kedr” and “Klin” submachineguns.

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