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Kalashnikov Group conducted Successful Trials of the Vikhr Guided Missiles

26 May 2021
Together with the KBP JSC, NTsV Mil&Kamov JSC and the Aerospace Forces of Russia, the Kalashnikov Group conducted successful flight trials of the Vikhr guided missiles.

In the course of the trials at the Russian Ministry proving ground, 22 missile launches were conducted by a Ka-52 Alligator reconnaissance/attack helicopter.

As part of the revision work, the probability of hitting targets at short ranges was increased, and the flight stability was improved. These upgrades were introduced without hindering the missile’s core characteristics. Works to update the missile were conducted proactively at the design bureau’s initiative. The trials confirmed the effect of the upgrades.

Earlier, the possibility to hit targets at ranges up to 10 kilometers, considerably higher than the specifications intended during the development of the missile, had been assessed, with positive results.

Kalashnikov Group continues work to improve the quality and update the specifications of manufactured products.

Core Specifications of the Vikhr Missile

Missile cruise speed (m/s) - 610

Range (m) - 800–10,000

Vertical range (m) - 10–4000

Thickness of homogeneous armor behind dynamic protection penetrable by the tandem shaped charge warhead - 750 mm 

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