100 years of Red Army: AVS-36

2 March

In the 1930s, the self-loading or automatic rifle was considered the most promising weapon for infantry forces in most developed countries around the world (except for Germany and Japan). It should be noted that the Workers' and Peasants' Red Army, along with the US army, was one of the first to use self-loading rifles instead of manual-loading ones.

The AVS-36 rifle differed from most of its counterparts at the time thanks to its ability to shoot in bursts, and the capacity of the magazine increased to 15 cartridges; however, its structure was rather complicated and not very reliable and firing in bursts was less than effective. This is why the service life of the AVS-36 turned out to be short and it was replaced by the SVT-38 rifle developed by Fyodor Tokarev in 1938.

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