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Demonstration of the automatic fire-control system

1 October 2018
The Kalashnikov group presented an automatic weapon control station under the control of combat artificial intelligence. It can operate in the combat mode of a remotely controlled module, providing the operator with automatic recognition and target illumination, automatic tracking of ground, air and sea targets, ballistic computer.

The weapon is equipped with a gyrostabilization system, which allows fire in motion, and two-spectral optics, which allows the use of the complex at any time of day and under conditions of limited visibility. Under the control of combat artificial intelligence the station can successfully perform tasks without a human operator. Combat artificial intelligence performs the functions of detecting and recognizing targets, determines priorities in the sequence of defeat, gives commands to the tracking machine and makes a decision about opening fire.

Artificial intelligence is based on artificial neural networks, and can be trained in the process. The video presents one of the modes of operation in which the station scans the sector of the operational space, recognizes threatening objects, indicates the type of object (person or machine), decides on the required number of shots for guaranteed destruction and carries out a defeat. Stations are installed both permanently or on the vehicles, and can be combined into a single network for concerted actions, such as perimeter security.

The station is able to independently decide on the exclusion from the sector of destruction of objects that are not dangerous, for example, animals. Artificial intelligence with automatic accompaniment compatible with all combat modules of the Kalashnikov Group. Equipping objects with such stations allows to exclude the human factor, such as loss of vigilance and fatigue.
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