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Gun Myths: Highway Shootout

7 November 2020
We'd like to run a check on something everyone has likely seen in Hollywood action films. A car chase on a highway, with good guys trying to escape and bad guys shooting at the good guys.
The idea is basically someone shooting from a moving car, aiming at the trunk of another car that's trying to lose the tail. What we're going to check is whether it's possible to survive in such a situation, just sitting there — or ducking. We've got a VAZ-2104 here for a test object. We'll be shooting at it from behind, aiming at the tailgate window and the metal part. And we'll then see what we hit. We'll find out what kind of damage it does, whether the bullets get inside, and whether they hurt the ducking passengers. We'll also see if the shots are going to be dangerous for those other cars.
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