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New models of AK demonstrated for the first time during the Victory Parade

9 May 2019
During the Victory Parade the latest Kalashnikov products were demonstrated: AK-12, AK-200 and AK-205. This is the first public demonstration of these machines in service.

The AK-12 was first sent to the army in 2018. It should gradually replace the AK-74. The weapon was developed in the framework of the “Ratnik” program as an element of a promising complex for equipping soldiers of the Armed Forces of Russia.

Technical characteristics of AK-12:

Weapon length in combat position: 880-940 mm
Length with folded butt: 690 mm
Barrel length: 415 mm
Weight with empty magazine: 3.5 kg
Shooting rate: 700 shots per minute
Magazine capacity: 30 rounds

AK-200 and AK-205 - part of the "200 series" of Kalashnikov assault rifles. The automatic series has retained all the advantages of the traditional AK scheme: reliability, durability and ease of maintenance. Integration into the design of the Picatinny rail machine allows you to install the necessary equipment for the effective use of weapons in various conditions, including in conditions of limited visibility. The length-adjustable butt of the machine and a number of ergonomic solutions for optimizing controls, allows users to fully realize their shooting skills, regardless of anthropometric data and the availability of a variety of equipment, equipment and clothing. The AK-200 series has successfully passed the test program, meets all the requirements for modern small arms and is an effective small complex.

Technical characteristics of AK-200:

Overall length - 940 mm
Barrel length - 415 mm
The used cartridge - 5,45х39 mm
Magazine capacity - 30 rounds
Sighting range - 800 m
Weight - 4.1 kg
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