New Saiga is already available on sale!

10 September

The Kalashnikov Group, part of state Corporation rostec, has started selling a civilian self-loading carbine "saiga-MK" calibre of 7,62 in versions 30 and 33, developed on the basis of the Kalashnikov assault rifle AK103 and a shortened Kalashnikov assault rifle AK104, respectively.

The new combat uniform as possible with counterparts in appearance, weight, weight, ergonomics and reliability. Carabiners can be used for training and sport shooting and also for hunting.

The carbines Saiga-MK in versions 30 and 33 are equipped with shop a slender body, folding stock made of impact resistant polymer, automatically locking the trigger mechanism to prevent firing when folded. In the lower part of the forearm polymer made Picatinny rail for mounting additional accessories type front handle or an under-barrel flashlight.

In the receiver made directing the cartridge to improve the reliability of supply cartridges (including jacketed hollow-point bullet) and allowing the use of athletes magazine for 30 cartridges. A rib with a markup of up to 1000 meters for 30 performance and up to 500 meters for 33 performance.

To gain access to small products in the official brand brand areas of Group in Russia, Georgia and Belarus.

The full list of brand-zones can be found here.

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