Nagant - on sale!

6 August

The Nagant revolver of the 1895 model was adopted by the Russian army in 1895 and until the beginning of the thirties of the twentieth century it was the main example of short arms for the armed forces of the Russian Empire, and later the USSR. It was also widely used in law enforcement agencies.

The Nagants of the 1895 model is a 7-pistol revolver with alternate charging and discharging through the hinged door on the right side of the frame. For the extraction of shot shells a folding ramrod is used, in the marching position located under the barrel. Trigger trigger mechanism, self-cocking.

The manned version of the revolver Nagant is intended for use in theatrical and film productions, training and recreational shooting, and collecting. Shooting is possible only by single (light-noise) cartridges 10ТК. The use of combat and hunting ammunition in the revolver is excluded constructively, therefore the Nagant revolver is freely available and does not require any permits and licenses for purchase.

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