«Kalashnikov» opened the first brand-brand zone in Sevastopol

23 July 2018

«Kalashnikov» opened the first brand-brand zone in Sevastopol.

A wide range of weapons are now available: the full range of civilian products of the brands «Kalashnikov», Baikal and Izhmash. For example, customers of the store can already order the latest innovations: smooth-bore self-loading rifle TG1 and hunting rifle Baikal 145 Los.

As part of the opening of the brand zone, a practical shooting tournament was held in which representatives of the Sevastopol Federation of Practical Shooting, the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District, the Krasnodar Territory and Dagestan took part. Winners and prize-winners received special prizes from the concern.

Store Address: Sevastopol, shop "Safari South", st. Pozharova 21.

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