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Kalashnikov provides a 10% discount on non-lethal weapons for journalists

14 August 2018



The Kalashnikov Group stands for responsible possession of arms and supports the lawful right of citizens to defend themselves. Therefore Kalashnikov is providing a 10% discount on traumatic weapons to all journalists upon presenting a certificate. Experts of the Group are to hold a special seminar on the legal and practical aspects of the use of non-lethal weapons. In addition Kalashnikov is willing to organize classes on security issues. Kalashnikov.Media will produce several self-defence videos in the near future.

Earlier today the editor-in-chief of Novaya Gazeta Dmitry Muratov said that he decided to strengthen the security of his journalists after the attack on Tatyana Felgenhauer, host of Echo Moskvy radio station. According to Muratov the employees of the newspaper will be given traumatic weapons.

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