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Kalashnikov delivers speedboat of project "Mangust" to frontier police of Federal Security Service

18 May 2018

The shipbuilding yard "Vympel", which is part of "Kalashnikov" Concern, launched a patrol speedboat of the project "Mangust" for the frontier police of the Russian Federal Security Service. This is the first launch within the framework of the enterprise's industrial program for 2018.

The Shipyard "Vympel" is the builder of the largest series of speedboats in modern Russia. The launched "Mangust" is the 75th speedboat of the series and the 50th speedboat built for the benefit of the frontier police of the Russian Federal Security Service. After passing the mooring, sea acceptance and state tests, the speedboat will be on duty in the Black Sea.

Speedboats of the project "Mangust" are intended for monitoring compliance of ships with the stipulated rules of sailing in the outer and inner roads of ports and harbors, as well as those adjoining to sea areas. The vessel is capable of carrying out the tasks of the sea police, customs, and fishery protection services.

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