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"Kalashnikov" celebrating 85th anniversary of its construction and design center

27 April 2018

On April 27, the construction and design center of the "Kalashnikov" Concern celebrated the 85th anniversary since its foundation. The ceremony took place at the site of the concern in Izhevsk, where the employees and veterans of the construction and design center were congratulated by the deputy CEO – chief design manager Sergey Urzhumtsev, the first deputy chairman of the government of the Udmurt Republic Aleksandr Svinin, and the head of Izhevsk Yury Tyurin.

"The construction and design center of the concern is a source of pride and a great asset to our enterprise. The small arms created by Izhevsk engineers and designers were well regarded by the Soviet Army and are still in demand among various uniformed services and combatant arms in contemporary Russia. Nowadays, the construction and design center designs unique pieces of armament, which in their performance and combat characteristics surpass the world counterparts," mentioned CEO of the "Kalashnikov" concern Aleksey Krivoruchko.

"Hard work, talent, and strong traditions of the designers of the concern made it possible for Izhevsk enterprise to become world-known. I warmly congratulate the whole staff of the concern, all veterans, on the 85th anniversary of the construction and design center and would like to express gratitude for this contribution, which you make every day to the prosperity and well-being of not only Udmurtia, but of all our country," said Aleksandr Svinin, the first deputy chairman of the government of the Udmurt Republic, in his speech.

"For 85 years designers-armorers from one of our leading enterprises have been making a great contribution to the strengthening of the defense power of Russia by developing and implementing into production combat and tactical weapons, which are used successfully by our national security agencies and are widely popular abroad. So today I offer these words of deep respect and gratitude to all employees of the construction and design center for enriching the glory of Izhevsk weapons," added Yury Tyuring, head of the city of Izhevsk.

In April 1933, the bureau of new design of weapons was founded. During the years of work in this department, over 400 items have been designed for civil and military use. In the years after the war, the construction and design center contributed greatly to the re-equipment of the army with cutting-edge weapons. Due to the work of the outstanding designer Mikhail Timofeyevich Kalashnikov, AK-brand weapons have become a global brand and a symbol of Russia.

In September 2017, the "Kalashnikov" Concern completed the construction design and launched a new building of the construction and design center with a total area 20,000 square meters. In the new construction and design center, digital design is carried out for the production run of prospective weapons. The construction and design center is equipped with new FDM printers for the creation of 3-dimensional models. Even now electronic tasks are issued for creating 3D models and further assigning the status of originals of design documentation to them.

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