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Kalashnikov launches the anniversary series of the TG2 carbine

18 June 2019
Due to the 70th anniversary of the adoption of the Kalashnikov assault rifle we present an an exclusive version of a smooth-bore carbine based on the TG2 under the AK brand. The carabine chambered for 366 TCM was developed on the basis of the 7.62 mm Kalashnikov AK103 assault rifle and is maximally unified with it. The exterior finish has undergone significant changes compared to the standard version and is made in the classic style of the legendary Kalashnikov assault rifle.

The weapon is intended for training and sports shooting, hunting, collectibles. The product, which is produced in a limited edition, can be purchased under the usual license for a smooth-bore weapon.

In addition to the unique exterior trim, the carabiner has a modern automatic venting system with a chrome-plated chamber and a barrel bore. Butt, forearm, gas tube lining and handles are made of walnut wood.

Oxidized barrel, DTK, gas tube, receiver and receiver cover. The TG2 is staffed with a durable 10-round magazine in an elongated body. Drilling "Paradox" in the muzzle of the barrel provides high accuracy and firing range. The kit also includes a case with accessories and a ramrod.

Main technical characteristics:

Caliber 9.55

Used cartridge 366 TCM

Length, mm 945

Barrel length, mm 415

Weight of a carbine with a non-loaded magazine, kg, not more than 3.9

Store capacity, pcs. cartridges 10

Range of aimed shooting from an open sight, m ​​300

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