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AIVI - a new technology based on artificial intelligence from ZALA AERO

27 August 2019
The newest technology is a system of intelligent detection and recognition of objects by class and type in real time on board the unmanned vehicle with full coverage of the lower hemisphere. The system uses a camera module and artificial intelligence for a complete analysis of the underlying surface underneath the aircraft. This makes it possible to increase the monitoring area 60 times per flight and reduce the time of detection of objects in comparison with existing methods. The system is used in conjunction with the existing main target loads, while significantly reducing the burden on the operator when performing the task. Areas of use Aviation intelligence, sea and land rescue operations to ensure the coordination of search teams Find people in dense vegetation or a populated area Environmental monitoring, detection of fires, unauthorized dumping, felling wood, oil leaks and other. Detection of the required type and object class in the cities and towns, as well as in forested areas Benefits Increases monitoring area 60 times per flight Reduces the burden on the operator when the job The use of artificial intelligence (AI) on board for the detection and recognition of objects by class or type in real-time Integrated video from multiple cameras simultaneously with a viewing angle of 360 ° Identification and detection of hidden objects, even in dense vegetation at vertical viewing angle of 90 ° Processing of video streams in real time on board without a lot of data to the ground control station Application software AI for classification and categorization of objects Simultaneous detection and classification of more than 1,000 static and moving objects Instant creation orthophoto with resolution up to 100 Mn. AIVI technology makes it possible to take pictures of the underlying surface with a minimum of delay without direct human intervention. AIVI system has no analogues in the world and needed where every second is valuable that can not save a single human life.
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