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«Kalashnikov» developed a set of Arctic equipment

27 September 2018

The Kalashnikov Group has developed a set of equipment for military personnel of special units that perform tasks in conditions of low temperatures. It was created with the participation of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and the Northern Lands Assistance Association for the Development of Arctic Territories.

The equipment includes more than 40 items, including the «Nanuk» suit, a special sleeping bag for low temperatures, transport containers to ensure the safety of medical supplies, communications, food rations and much more.

All items of equipment were tested by Kalashnikov Concern specialists and servicemen of the Russian Defense Ministry during the Arctic expedition in March 2018 on the Yamal and Taimyr Peninsulas. The temperature during the tests reached -47С, the wind - up to 25 m/s and higher, the humidity up to 100%.

Prototypes of equipment were presented at the forum «Army-2018».

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