«Kalashnikov» presented an electric motorcycle for the civilian market

20 August 2018
At the international forum «Army-2018», the «Kalashnikov» Group showed an UM-1 (Urban Moto) electric motorcycle for the civilian market. Motorcycle is a domestic development and is characterized by simple operation, low noise level and minimal maintenance requirements. When charging UM-1 consumes 15 kW/h of electricity. Electrobike develops speed up to 100 km/h with power reserve up to 150 km. Weight - 165-245 kg. The motorcycle uses LiFePO4 and LiPO batteries. Specifications UM-1: Type of motor - Brushless DC motor Power - 15 kW The maximum speed is 100 km / h Power reserve - 150 km Weight - 165 - 245 kg Battery type - LiFePO4, LiPO Drive Type - Chain Running suspension front / rear - 200/200
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