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«Kalashnikov» launched a new generation of ship - Kometa 120M

23 October 2017
A ceremonial launch of a new generation of the Kometa 120M hydrofoil ship took place at the Vympel Shipbuilding Plant JSC. This is the first passenger ship in its history.

Oleg Belkov, Director General of Vympel Shipyard JSC, the first woman cosmonaut in the world, State Duma Deputy Valentina Tereshkova, representatives of the Government of the Yaroslavl Region, the head of the city of Rybinsk Denis Dobryakov, heads of the designer of the Central Design Bureau for hydrofoil them. R.E. Alekseeva all took part in the ceremony.

“This is an important project for the enterprise, opening up a new direction of our work - the construction of civilian vessels. In the near future, the construction of five more Komets is planned, and the Ministry of Industry and Trade has supported us in this. In total, we intend to supply about 20 units to the Black Sea. By 2025, the civilian product line in our order portfolio should reach 30%,” commented Oleg Belkov, General Director of Vympel Shipyard JSC.

“Today is a big day for all of us. We launch this beauty, which will ply the Black Sea. Let's wish her seven feet under the keel,” Valentina Tereshkova said in her welcoming speech. According to maritime tradition, she smashed a bottle of champagne on the side of the ship, after which the rite of consecration of the ship was performed.

During the launch, it was announced that a subsidiary company, the operator “Sea Speed ​​Passenger Transport”, will be created, which will organize shipments on hydrofoils.

After launching, Kometa went to the Crimea to conduct tests on the Black Sea. It is planned that in 2018 the vessel will be put into operation and will start cruising along the route Sevastopol-Yalta.

"Comet 120M" can reach speeds of up to 35 knots. The vessel is equipped with modern means of communication and navigation, a system for moderating pitching, climate control.
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