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Kalashnikov Group supplied the first party of BK-16 boats to the MoD

26 February 2018

The Kalashnikov Group supplied the first party of Project 02510 boats (BK-16) to the Ministry of Defense, Vzglyad reported. The contract for their supply was concluded last year.

The naval flag was raised on two high-speed transport-landing boats that joined the Northern Fleet at the end of last week.

Construction of the BK-16 project boats is being carried out at the Rybinskaya Verf. BK-16 is a series of high-speed landing craft built to supply of the Russian Navy.

Project BK-16 has armored engine compartment and cabin, as well as removable armored vehicles. There are three machine guns of  7.62 mm caliber, a machine gun of 12.7 mm and a grenade launcher of 40 mm. On the perimeter of the boat there are 9 CCTV cameras. The cruising range of the boat is 400 miles.

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