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Birthday of IZh at the National Museum of Udmurt Republic

14 September 2017

Today in Izhevsk at the National Museum of Udmurt Republic named after K. Gerd, the First forum for owners of motorcycles IZh, dedicated to his birthday. The event is organized by the motor-community "Izhevsk IZh" and the Museum itself.

In today's program of the forum will be held from 18:30 to 20:00 Moscow time in the Museum, there will be a meeting-discussion "Motorcycle IZh: the failed frontier" with the participation of the designers of the Izhevsk motorcycles, the developers of the motorcycle IZh, Kalashnikov Group, motorcyclists and local historians.

In the day September 17, the guests will be happy poster:

The courtyard of the National Museum of Udmurt Republic 

12:00. Check motokolonna the courtyard of the Museum. The opening of the forum.

12:20. Exhibition of motorcycles. Competitive program.

13:00. Action "Mozharov! First, IZh patriot".

13:30-14:15. Round table for owners of motorcycles IZh.

National Museum of the Udmurt Republic, the children's exhibition "From irikov to fixies" and the exhibition "Moto Victory"

10:30-11:30. Games tour "take the motorcycle for a superspy" (6+).

National Museum of Udmurt Republic the exhibition "planet of the Crimea"

10:00-15:00. Workshops on linocut "Souvenir DR Property" (6+).

14:15-16:15. Tour-quest for the city "traces of the Izhevsk motorcycle" (6+). Start at the exhibition "Moto Victory."

GK Ogonek

17:00-20:00. Informal communication on the basis of motor-community "Izhevsk IZh", the closure of the forum.

More information about the forum can be found here.

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