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«Kalashnikov» established a new sports operator

13 February 2019

Within the Russian Investment Forum in Sochi, the Kalashnikov Group and the Government of the Udmurt Republic in the person of the Group General Director Vladimir Dmitriev and the Head of the Udmurtia Alexander Brechalov will sign a document on the creation of an sports operator Kalashnikov Sport for amateur athletes.

“Kalashnikov Sport is a new area of ​​cooperation between the Government of the Udmurt Republic and the Kalashnikov Group, the goal of which is to involve people of all ages in playing sports through organizing amateur competitions. Events will be held on international standards of quality and service. We decided to make a joint project with one of the most technologically advanced enterprises in our country to organize world-class launches, ”noted the Head of Udmurtia, Alexander Brechalov.

“Kalashnikov has a rather long history of relations with professional sports - bright sporting victories at major international competitions took place thanks to Izhmash's sports weapon. Last year, we entered the amateur sports area when we organized and held the winter and summer Kalashnikov Biathlon Fest. We received a great response among the participants, the competition was attended not only by residents of Udmurtia, but also biathlon fans from more than ten regions. All this made it possible to think about the scaling of this story and the holding of such competitions in other cities of Russia, ”commented Vladimir Dmitriev, the general director of the Kalashnikov Group.

“It’s great that in our country, running has been developing very actively in recent years, a whole culture of conducting marathons has appeared, a large audience of sports fans are skiing - we thought to offer all these people a new sports experience - biathlon and practical shooting,” he added.

In addition to organizing and conducting various competitions, “Kalashnikov Sport” will help athletes in the preparatory process: keep statistics, attract experts, conduct master classes, training runs, etc. The general calendar of tournaments with full and up-to-date information, preliminary online registration, live broadcasts from the competition venues will be available to everyone. All events will be accompanied by a varied entertainment program for fans and spectators.

The head of the sports projects of the Kalashnikov Group, Ivan Tcherezov, noted that the new project is designed to increase the level of involvement of the Udmurtia population in such disciplines as running, triathlon, biathlon, cross-country skiing, shooting, eSports. Sports events are designed for participants with different levels of training: from amateurs to professionals.

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