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What you need to know about the world championship in practical shooting?

7 September 2017

1. What is the key of success of Russian shooters, and what are the characteristics of their training?
As usual, a Deposit of intensive training, the right attitude and quality equipment, i.e. weapons, equipment and ammunition.

2. From a weapon fired our Champions?
On the world Cup carabiner in June of this year in Moscow our Champions shot from the modified carbines saiga MK 223 and rifles with manual reloading (pump) KSZ-223. Held in early September in the United States world championship carbines pistol cartridge (PCC – Pistol Caliber Carbine) guys were shooting from carbines saiga-9 caliber 9 × 19mm. In all cases (with the exception of "pump" KSZ-223 ), these rifles have undergone significant tuning to personal tastes and preferences of each shooter. The replacement was subjected to the pistol grip, buttstock, and forend, was a new muzzle brakes, compensators, could be subject to fine-tuning the firing mechanism.
In the competition in rifle in class self-loading rifles of our athletes dominate specifically designed for practical shooting gun 12 gauge saiga-12 performance 340. They have "factory" have a sporty tuning, and it is with such guns, in particular, are the girls from the team "Lady Kalashnikov" Mary Schwartz, Alena Karelin and Natalia Rumyantseva.

3. How to start to do practical shooting and you need to do?
As usual, the main thing is desire and motivation. By law, since 18 years, any law-abiding and mentally healthy citizen of Russia can obtain a license and buy a shotgun to him to join one of the shooting clubs who conduct training under the program of practical shooting. If a person wants to shoot "practice" from a pistol or shotgun, at first he will have to rent a gun at the club, but in the future he can buy his own rifle (if he already has 5 years of experience of owning smooth-bore weapons). If during the training the shooter will achieve substantive results and will receive the title "master of sports", then under the law he will be entitled to purchase sporting handguns (gun) to his name, however, to store it, the arrow would have still at the club.

4. How popular practical shooting in Russia and in the world?
The popularity of practical shooting in Russia is growing, and perhaps even faster than elsewhere in the world. Not for nothing the President of the international Confederation of practical shooting in September of 2017 was elected to the Russians, Vitaly Kruchin.

5. What weapon for the novice shooter we can recommend?
It depends on a number of factors. First and foremost, that's what the rookie class is scheduled to speak. If he wants to shoot the gun, then the determining factor will be the choice of weapons available at the club, as well as personal preferences in ergonomics. If we talk about the gun, if the desire to shoot in manual premium recharge is usually guided by the pump-cars, but in the category of semi-automatic rifles, saiga-12 in different versions (30, 278, 340) is a good and, importantly, relatively inexpensive option. However, as said above, shotguns saiga 12 performance 340 are very serious "sports equipment", allowing them to win competitions of the Championships of Russia or Europe and even the world.

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